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The following links will allow you to download documents which you will need prior to seeing Gina. Please be sure to complete all forms and send to Gina before your session.

General Forms and Information:

* Form cannot be filled out directly online; it must be downloaded first. It requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free here. Then email back to Gina [preferred], or print out and bring with you to the first session.

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Anti-Aging Strategies And Ideas From Chicago Health Coach

Vibrant health is one of life’s greatest gifts. Many strive towards this state of high-level wellness. This is where our whole being of body, mind and spirit is in balance and harmony. Energy, peace and gratitude flow as we feel connected to the present moment. Many consumers are seeking ways to achieve this level of health with the use of integrative medicine, a melding of holistic and prevention modalities along with the crisis care of allopathic medicine when appropriate, in order to reach their vision of high level wellness. They are interested in anti-aging approaches for full vibrant health now and as they age.

A friend of mine, Rev. Barbara Pescan of Evanston, IL once wrote:

We are more than our ailments, more than the sum of our addictions, co-dependencies, operations, scars and lapses. We are whole. It is an interesting conundrum that when we pay more attention to the health in our lives and less attention to the illness, that is where the healing begins – in refusing to let the illness determine the value of our lives. Find a way to act subversively today on the side of health. And may you find blessing.

Imagine individuals and our nation paying more attention to true health, rather than disease. Allow yourself to be a bit of a rebel and act subversively today on the side of your health, and the health care in our country. How can you do that? Embrace the new science that is based on an energy paradigm. When you see your body, your thoughts, your prayers, your world as energy, it opens up many new choices for health and healing. Within this new energy paradigm, the complementary, preventive and alternative modalities make sense for effective healing as well as for cost-effectiveness. It’s time for a health revolution.

Our current allopathic medical system based on Newtonian physics and reductionism (the science of breaking things down into mechanical parts, often into the smallest parts possible) is outdated. Yet it has been very beneficial for isolating factors which cause disease, and has created some pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries which border on the miraculous; but it is an ineffective match for chronic diseases. Drugs and surgery should rarely be used as the first choice in that physicians take the oath of Hippocrates: “Primum, non nocere (First, do no harm).”

Allopathic medical treatment, which is expensive and focuses on disease rather than health, also is often unsuccessful in healing the leading causes of death, especially chronic conditions which compose the majority of health complaints. In fact, failures and mistakes in our current allopathic medical system are now leading causes of death in the U.S.

The proposed plans to insure all Americans fail to recognize that they are still linking up a very broken and ineffective profit-based medical system to a broken and inefficient government that can easily be [and is] bought by special interest groups. The time is now to create a cost-effective integrative medical system that allows access to true health care. This new medical system would keep in balance the health of the whole person and the health of the system with reasonable profit. It’s time to be that rebel and act subversively on the side of health!

We are in a major paradigm shift that extends across the sciences. The new science of energy physics, a la Albert Einstein, proposes an energetic paradigm for the universe. The New Energy Physics give scientific credence to a new way of thinking and being in the universe: one that honors science and spirit, energy and matter, mind and body, emotions and spirit as part of the energetic, mysterious, ever-changing, dynamic, participatory whole.

The energy of thought/prayer/intention comes into this system. Matter changes in this participatory universe. The mind-body connection makes scientific and spiritual sense in this system. What opens up is a vision for a medical system based on the new science, incorporating the concept of each person as an ever-changing energetic whole of body-mind-spirit, moving towards greater health and wellness. Health is portrayed as a process moving towards balance, vibrancy and wholeness by way of awareness, seeking education, holistic modalities and growth for the whole person. Health and wellness can begin from the place where the signs and symptoms of disease have manifested—or before any signs of disease have manifested, thus preventing much dis-ease. The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” rings even more true now.

Larry Dossey, M.D. has done a lot of work and research on the role of prayer and healing. He sounds the clarion call for a marriage of science and spirit. He teaches that in modern medical education, there has been a clear bias toward the logical, analytical, rational approaches to disease; and bias against any other approach deemed “right-brained,” irrational, religious or unscientific. But now the choice between science and spirituality appears increasingly artificial, even from a scientific perspective.

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., spoke in Chicago on the topic of spirituality and healing. She has done decades of work and research in the mind-body-spirit field. Many researchers who initially were intrigued by the mind-body connection, have been drawn more deeply into exploring the role of spirituality in health. Take notice of this trend of moving from body to energy to spirit in some of our popular physicians and researchers such as Candace Pert, Ph.D., Herbert Benson, M.D., Christiane Northrup, M.D., Bernie Siegel, M.D., Andrew Weil, M.D, and others. I have also noticed this trend in my own personal and professional process and practice.wellness-coach-chicago

The National Wellness Association reports that doctors are finding some surprising evidence that spirituality can promote health. And the shift to the wellness model has been supported by research in chemistry, psychology, neurophysiology, psychoneuroimmunology and quantum physics. So, let’s “act subversively today on the side of health.” And may you find blessing.

Gina Orlando, MA, CH is a health coach, prevention specialist, anti-aging consultant and certified hypnotherapist with 29 years in the holistic health field.

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Business Consulting

Wellness pays. Companies know this. Wellness coaching works to support the behavior and lifestyle changes needed for greater health and cost savings. Let me use my 30 years experience to help support your employees to improve their health. I offer various services and programs to help your employees get “wellthier” while helping your company’s bottom line, too. Healthier employees are simply more productive and happier.

  • Private wellness and health coaching
  • Group wellness and health coaching
  • Brown bag lunch seminars on various wellness topics
  • Stress reduction

Call me for details and pricing.I look forward to helping your employees.

Try the BioMat

What is the BioMat?

It is a therapeutic mat containing amethyst and tourmaline crystals that act as conductors of the healing properties of far infrared rays, sending this light into the tissues and organs of the body. It also creates an abundance of negative ions that are also transmitted into the body. This is a safe, healing process that is deeply relaxing.  The mat is on my massage table which is downstairs in my home office.  You simply lie on it, fully clothed, and enjoy the experience.  Easy!

What can happen in a BioMat session?  You can feel any of these, as it:

  2. Improves Circulation and Cardiovascular Function
  3. Improves Immune System Function
  4. Reduces Inflammation
  5. Relieves Pain
  6. Burns Calories and Controls Weight
  7. Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness
  8. Reduces Stress and Fatigue
  9. Improves Skin
  10. Removes Bodily Toxins and Assists in Detoxification
  11. Helps stimulate Lymph System to release toxins
  12. Improves Sleep
  13. Other benefits


What Do Far Infrared Rays Do?

Far Infrared Light cannot be seen with the eyes, but it is felt as heat.  It is safe.

Far Infrared (FIR) light rays are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal and can be used
in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions.

The deep, penetrating heat of the BioMat helps peripheral blood vessels dilate, bringing
relief and healing to muscles and soft tissue. Increased blood circulation carries off
metabolic wastes and delivers oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscles allowing
for faster recovery from exertion.

FIR penetrates 6-8 inches into the body which benefits the muscles and all cells
including blood vessels, lymph glands and nerves in the deepest parts of the body.

And there are other benefits!

What are Negative Ions and How Can They Improve Health?

Negative Ions are instrumental in balancing the metabolism by activating healthy
enzyme function in the cells of the body.

Negative ions assist in creating the proper alkaline environment in body chemistry, the
excretion of cellular waste, nutrient absorption, boosting immunity, and helping to
balance hormonal function.

Negative ions are effective on stiff shoulders, headaches, insomnia, constipation and

Negative ions are necessary to balance serotonin levels in the brain.

Negative ions (NI) assist in beneficial and restorative sleep.

Plus there are more benefits!

(This information is from various BioMat sources and sites).

 Schedule a session.  Times are available  Monday – Friday, days and evenings.  

Call Gina at 708-524-9103 or email for an appointment.


What The Hypnotic State Is… and Isn’t by Gina Orlando, MA, CH

It’s wonderful that you are interested in tapping into the power of your mind to create some powerful and positive changes in your life and your health.  It’s a pleasure and an honor for me to work with you to make these great changes in your life. Remember, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  Your unconscious mind is so powerful.  You create these positive changes, while my role is that of a coach, a facilitator.  I’m really good at what I do, I love what I do, and have great success with my clients.  I look forward to helping you.

Let me first explain what therapeutic hypnotism is not.  It is not what you see portrayed on TV, movies, cartoons, and on stage where a hypnotist appears to have control over someone.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. A hypnotist has no control over a client. In fact, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  In the state of hypnosis YOU are in control.  In fact, my role as a hypnotherapist is to help you get back into control around the issues you are working on, and facilitate this deep state of relaxation where your subconscious mind becomes available for positive suggestions for the change you desire.  You are in control and will respond to suggestions that you are open to, for changes you desire and deserve.

The state of hypnosis is a natural mind state between waking and sleeping.  It is a time when your subconscious mind becomes available for new positive suggestions for desired change.  In this state you become highly responsive to suggestions for the positive changes you desire. It’s very natural, given to you by a Higher Source to help you manifest health, joy, love and prosperity in your life.  It’s all good.  Nothing bad can happen to you in this state.  Also, the reason hypnosis is so effective for improving health is that the subconscious mind controls and runs the body’s millions of functions.  It’s also the place where your habits and emotions live, and where the invisible walls of resistance can reside. It’s an important place to access for change.

Here are the various mind states that you use every day, followed by a number representing the number of cycles per second (Hertz, abbreviated Hz) at which your brain is moving in that state.  I’m sure you’ve heard of all of them:

  • BETA = awake and alert  30-13 Hz
  • ALPHA = relaxed  12-8 Hz
    This is the  state of hypnosis or trance.
  • THETA = deeper hypnosis, imagery, near sleep  7-3 Hz
    This is a deeper state of hypnosis or trance.
  • DELTA = sleep, dreaming  2- .5 Hz

The state of hypnosis is the Alpha and Theta states.  You are familiar with these states because you flow through the Alpha and Theta brain wave states each night as fall asleep.  You also drift into alpha when daydreaming, during meditation and prayer, when watching TV, when running or playing in the “zone.”  It is an altered state of consciousness, just like sleep is an altered state of consciousness, but it’s not as deep as sleep.  So it’s deeper, slower and more relaxed than being awake and alert (Beta) and less deep, less slow than sleep (Delta).  Yes, it’s that natural, simple and normal.  Yet, you have not been taught how to use that natural mind state, a time where your subconscious mind becomes available for new positive suggestions for desired change, where you become highly responsive to these suggestions.  It’s inherently relaxing and refreshing.

So my role as a hypnotherapist can also be called a hypnosis facilitator and positive mind coach.  It’s great and effective work, I’m very good at what I do and I love supporting positive healthy changes in people in such a non-invasive way.  I am happy to share some of the many, many success stories when I see you.  –  Read the testimonials

I use a proven style of therapeutic hypnotism, using my trained voice and special licensed relaxing background music, along with encouraging you to use your breath to relax.  I don’t use any visual objects such as a watch and I don’t touch your body.  I don’t ask you questions when you are in the state of hypnosis.  Your job is an easy one… to sit back in a comfortable recliner and let the words flow, receiving the suggestions.  You don’t have to concentrate on the words.  Many people hear all the words. For others the words drift away, but the suggestions still get in.  Others get some “busy mind” but the suggestions still get in.  If “busy mind” occurs, simply bring yourself back to your breath, my words and the music.  In the state of hypnosis, you will feel relaxed.  Some people feel so relaxed that their arms and legs feel heavy.  Others feel relaxed in a way that they feel light and tingly.   You may experience time distortion, images, or some eyelid fluttering.  You will not be unconscious, in a coma, “out,” “under” or asleep.

As your body relaxes, your brain waves automatically will slow down and you’ll drift into a state of hypnosis.  It’s built-in to work, naturally.  Some people drift lightly, some people enter a deep state, and most are somewhere in the middle.  To measure the depth of the hypnotic trance, I use a 6-level hypnosis depth scale, with Level 6 being the deepest.  Yet all you need is a Level 1 depth for smoking cessation, weight loss, stress reduction, sports improvement or most medical conditions.  In private sessions I use a biofeedback monitor on your left palm to monitor this drifting into hypnosis.  It measures skin electricity (conductivity) and doesn’t put any electricity into your system.  It simply measures changes in the electrical conductivity of your skin.  Moist skin conducts electricity better than dry skin. When skin moisture increases, conductivity goes down.  As you relax, your skin moisture content decreases meaning that your electrical conductivity decreases as well – a highly accurate reflection of changes in your physiology.

What is so great about this relaxation data is that it gives both of us quantitative feedback to what would be a highly experiential or qualitative experience for you.  It helps me to help you very specifically.  Clients are all fascinated with the feedback they receive after their session when they see their body relaxation graph on the computer screen.

To guide my words in the characteristic flowing hypnotic style, I use scripts as an outline or guide to keep the flow going as I address your very individual and specific issues.  During the session I mostly look at the computer monitor biofeedback graph, so you are in your own private space in the recliner, relaxing with your eyes closed, so you can let go and flow with this deep relaxed state.  There is nothing to fear, you are always in control, you’ll always be able to stop this state of relaxation if you wish. You won’t know how deep you are.  The proof of the hypnosis will be in the results. Everyone seems delighted by the level of relaxation that they are able to achieve. I record the hypnosis session on a CD, which you then use daily to support your success so you achieve the positive changes in your life.  If we do interactive work in the session, you will receive a pre-recorded hypnosis CD that is specific for your issue.

Your life flows in the direction of your most dominant thoughts. Your subconscious mind acts on all thoughts and images that it’s given.  This hypnosis work helps you to put your focus and energy on what you want.  It’s time to use your mind for positive goals and vibrant health.  I will help you to learn to use your subconscious mind and positive thought which has such energy and power to create what you want in your life.  I wish you the highest and the best, and so look forward to working with you.

Healthy wishes,

Gina Orlando, MA, CH
(708) 524-9103


Hypnotherapy –  I will help you connect with your Subconscious Mind, your inner search engine, to help you reprogram your tapes with suggestions that are filled with love and acceptance.  Your subconscious mind is ready, willing and able to make these changes because your positive intention is powerful, and your thoughts are electromagnetic energy.  “I AM enough and loveable.”  Yes, you are.  That’s reality!

Wise Mind Process ™ accesses your Superconscious Mind which is the transformation system of the universe.  This is your Higher Self, your Wise Mind.  That’s where you can access the love, forgiveness, compassion, hope and acceptance… even with your human imperfections.

Negative Thought Stopping   As you learn to immediately stop the negative thoughts, I help you create positive, believable thoughts that you want to install in your inner tape recorder, your subconscious mind. 

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques   This remarkable mind-body-energy technique has proven to effectively break up pesky patterns, emotions, memories and habits that prevent you from feeling good enough, worthy and loveable.  It allows desired transformation to take root.

Choosing love over fear through A Course In Miracles as presented in the work of Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.  His book Love Is Letting Go Of Fear  is one of the best resources to choose love and forgiveness over fear.  You get this practical spirituality book as a free bonus in this course!

Forgiveness  You will learn what forgiveness truly is and ways to allow it in your life.  It’s a gift you give yourself to be free and healthy.

Loving What Is   Byron Katie’s work can be summarized in this statement “when you believe your painful thoughts, you suffer.  When you don’t believe your painful thoughts, you don’t suffer.“  Her work helps you to love more, to let go more easily, to discover what is real and not real, and to see that you are a part of any negative relationship that you struggle with.  Through this work of loving what it, you come to realize that (for example) your parents are wounded humans, like most of the wounded humans on the planet, and that you chose them for some reasons. You can now move past the victim stance and come into present time, honoring your gifts, light, love, resilience, spirituality and humor.

The Powerful Present Moment   Come into present time, instead of talking incessantly about the past with all the analyzing, blaming and strengthening of the victim stance.  You are enough, empowered and light-love filled, now!

Creating Healthy, Loving Boundaries  Creating and strengthening your container for “you.”  Then you realize that your wants, needs, dreams and desires are vitally important, too.  “Both-and” not “either-or” or “black-white.”  The absence and weakness of boundaries seem to be an endemic problem.  Creating healthy boundaries helps heal codependent tendencies in an vitally important way, so you feel more protected and confident in who you are.

11 Healing Breaths  Breath connects you to the present moment and to Life Force Energy.  This simple yet profoundly healing technique helps you foster more love for yourself and others… easily, and in a matter of minutes. 

Enhancing Your Spirituality    This is my most favorite work, supporting you in your search for truth and deep connection to that which is greater than yourself.

Healing The Broken Heart   We have learned that under life’s difficulties, stresses and trauma is a broken heart.  You will receive a bonus CD by colleague Belleruth Naparstek to help you heal this in a very direct way.

Getting Unstuck  A favorite Buddhist teacher, Pema Chodron, has some helpful and funny insights to help you get unstuck from your addictive tendencies, including this unreal belief that you are not enough.

Law of Attraction   it’s all about energy.  Our thoughts are electromagnetic energy.  Law of Attraction simply is… where you place your attention, it will grow.  We use Michael Losier’s work on LOA.  With three simple steps, we help you create and focus on your heartfelt goals and allow them.

Health, Wellness and Life Coaching   You and I will work together to help you move from the contemplation stage, to preparation, and then to action. Baby steps are fine as you move in the direction of healing changes.  Coaching helps you create the map for these changes.

Humor, Play, Poetry, Laughter, Relaxation, Fun and Creativity  Yes, this is a fun, creative, interesting process!  And it’s geared to your unique needs.


Gina Orlando, MA, CH

Gina Orlando, MA, CH

I believe you are an exceptional spiritual being and that the work you are doing is very inspiring and highly needed.
– Bruno Cortis, M.D., Cardiologist and Author of “Heart and Soul


Gina Orlando is an amazing hypnotherapist and a gifted healer. My doctor recommended Gina to me when I was experiencing anxiety while driving on the highway.  I was able to put that fear behind with her assistance. Gina is non-judgmental, open, and caring, and she teaches you to work with tools that are useful in many different contexts. Make an appointment with her! It will be one of the best experiences of your life.

-T.C., College Professor

Thanks, Gina. You’ve played such a huge role in helping me with two anxiety areas of my life, smoking and public speaking. I always told myself that if I can present in public without feeling anxious and stressed, I could do almost anything. I feel I can. Thanks!

-S.M., Sales Rep


In every life there’s a point when we reach the “fork in the road.” Prior to meeting Gina, I’d reached several forks and taken many roads and didn’t like anything about my decisions. I couldn’t see how to get back to a path that would lead me to a peaceful life. I was pretty lost. I was recommended to Gina after a one-time chance encounter with a prior client of Gina’s. She suggested I try hypnosis.

I called Gina, not knowing what to expect or if she could be of any help. In fact, she was. Because of our sessions I began to find answers, feel stronger and move through the walls that were holding me back in old habits. Our sessions didn’t end at her door either. She gave me CD’s of the hypnosis that took place in the sessions and I was able to listen to them at night before falling asleep. Ultimately, I disclosed a serious issue and Gina, having great integrity, recommended me to a therapist who dealt with that type of issue. It’s hard to explain, but I don’t know where I would be without her help.

I now have a great new job and a wonderful husband. I don’t think I’d have that because I couldn’t see those things being attainable. Our sessions were my beacon of light when I felt lost. I could not be more pleased or thankful that we met.     -C. W.   Spring, 2012

Gina Orlando is a midwife of personal transformation. Having turned to her again and again for hypnotherapy and other healing resources, I eventually found myself.  What a joy to discover that healing transformation is possible –through gifted, skilled and knowledgeable healers liike Gina.  She will open your eyes to incredible healing resources that are just right for you. If you work with her over time, you may find that your life opens up in new and amazing ways.
– K. P, Consultant, Oak Park  2009

I deeply enjoy holistic energy work and use/practice many different forms of it. Of these many modalities I have found hypnosis to be the best access point for my subconscious mind. Gina Orlando has a very comforting way to help me achieve the goals I desire. My improved memory and peaceful sleep have been due to the sessions Gina guided me through.     -S.L., Airline Pilot, 2015


I wanted to let you know that I am doing well with my weight loss. I have lost 36 pounds since the start of the new year. I am down to the healthy body fat percentage. Also, I am starting to mix up my routine more and have signed up for fitness events.  All of this has changed how I think as well and has me very interested in the psychology of sport. There is much more that is possible when my mind can believe it. That ball got rolling for sure with our discussions, your coaching, and with your great self-hypnosis CDs.  Thanks,                                             -R.D.    Spring, 2012

Gina, I have fought an addiction to cakes, carbs and caffeine half heartedly for years. With your help I got into closer touch with my whole heart, and under your empathetic counsel I began to care deeply about what I was nourishing my body with.  I know it will continue to be a journey but I am moving away from deep cravings to a mild want, and you have given me the tools to work around the “wants”. Thanks so much for your intent listening, for picking up the cues and clues that move you to reveal and heal!
– K.S., Sales professional and artist

This group has been so helpful to me. While I have only lost about 15 pounds since we started, I know I have a different attitude and I know I can do this.  It’s not about the food.
– M.W., administrator

Gina is a colleague who happens to be as expert counselor in the field of weight loss as one could ever imagine.  She’s a truly lovely woman, spiritually gifted as well, and highly skilled in all dimensions of weight management and working with resistance.
– N.G., therapist

When I first came to Gina Orlando, I had battled my weight for 20 years. I needed a change to spur me on and thought about giving hypnosis a chance, but I was skeptical. Hell, my job requires me to doubt things until I have all the facts. Well here are the facts. a 50 lb. weight loss that has stayed off for years! Case closed!
– T.W., Chicago Police Officer, 2004 (still has maintained his weight loss)

The hypnosis class was a door opening for me to healthier living and real weight loss. There was no “instant miracle” being touted which always makes me skeptical. Understanding the body functions regarding metabolism along with lifetime lifestyle changes made real sense to me. I felt encouraged during class and not pressured to “compete” who lost the most weight. I continue to use the CDs in the evening and quiet times and feel refreshed after them. If I do fall asleep during a CD, I feel very positive the next morning. I have lost 35 pounds so far and I attribute it to using Gina’s hypnosis CDs, her great suggestions and the South Beach plan. I cut out soda, drink lots of water, very little sugar and excess carbs, try to exercise regularly and not feel guilty when I indulge in a favorite food on occasion. I really like the new energy I feel!
– LF, Forest Park , Business Owner


My daughter is doing so well. She sleeps well now 98% of the time. This has made a huge change in her life and our lives. Thank you!
– L.G., massage therapist and Mom

My son is no longer afraid of flying bugs!  Thank you!
– B.F., Mom

My son got over his anxiety with school and test performance with your help.  He says he is even having more fun now, too.  He just did excellently on the standardized tests.
– L.R., Mom


With your help, I was able to beat my personal best and place #5 in an international half marathon in my age range (45-55).  I am so excited!  Thank you!
– R.H., physician

Had to tell you. My golf game has improved considerably this season, but last night was a magical hour on the basketball court at the Gottlieb Fitness Center . There were only two other guys there, both hot shots, very good players in their early 20s. We played the strenuous game called “21” where it’s every man for himself, two guys playing defense against whoever has the ball. When I started hitting 3-pointers, the two defenders (one was about 6′ 4″ the other my height) guarded me closely. I’m an old guy (62 next month) and I’ve never been quick on the dribble, so it was impossible to drive around them for lay-ups. Instead, I put up jump hook shots from 25 feet–and they went in. I’d get a rebound, race to the 3-point arc, turn and shoot in one motion in the direction of the basket and barely get it off over their outstretched hands. Nothing but net! Just about every time! They were overplaying me so much on the outside that on rare occasions I was able to surprise them with a race to the basket, putting in a reverse left-handed lay-up once and a wild underhand shot off the backboard from six feet another time. I’ve been playing basketball all my life, but I’ve never had a shooting night like this before. Talk about being in the zone, I believed every shot was going in–and about 90% of them did. I won both games we played. My young opponents seemed devastated and happy for me at the same time. What a high! I don’t know how else to explain it. Self-hypnosis works. Thanks.
– A.B., editor

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