Healing Tools


Hypnotherapy   I will help you connect with your Subconscious Mind, your inner search engine, to help you reprogram your tapes with suggestions that are filled with love and acceptance.  Your subconscious mind is ready, willing and able to make these changes because your positive intention is powerful, and your thoughts are electromagnetic energy.  “I AM enough and loveable.”  Yes, you are.  That’s reality!

Wise Mind Process ™ accesses your Superconscious Mind which is the transformation system of the universe.  This is your Higher Self, your Wise Mind.  That’s where you can access the love, forgiveness, compassion, hope and acceptance… even with your human imperfections.

Negative Thought Stopping   As you learn to immediately stop the negative thoughts, I help you create positive, believable thoughts that you want to install in your inner tape recorder, your subconscious mind.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques   This remarkable mind-body-energy technique has proven to effectively break up pesky patterns, emotions, memories and habits that prevent you from feeling good enough, worthy and loveable.  It allows desired transformation to take root.

Choosing love over fear through A Course In Miracles as presented in the work of Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.  His book Love Is Letting Go Of Fear  is one of the best resources to choose love and forgiveness over fear.  You get this practical spirituality book as a free bonus in this course!

Forgiveness  You will learn what forgiveness truly is and ways to allow it in your life.  It’s a gift you give yourself to be free and healthy.

Loving What Is   Byron Katie’s work can be summarized in this statement “when you believe your painful thoughts, you suffer.  When you don’t believe your painful thoughts, you don’t suffer.“  Her work helps you to love more, to let go more easily, to discover what is real and not real, and to see that you are a part of any negative relationship that you struggle with.  Through this work of loving what it, you come to realize that (for example) your parents are wounded humans, like most of the wounded humans on the planet, and that you chose them for some reasons. You can now move past the victim stance and come into present time, honoring your gifts, light, love, resilience, spirituality and humor.

The Powerful Present Moment   Come into present time, instead of talking incessantly about the past with all the analyzing, blaming and strengthening of the victim stance.  You are enough, empowered and light-love filled, now!

Creating Healthy, Loving Boundaries  Creating and strengthening your container for “you.”  Then you realize that your wants, needs, dreams and desires are vitally important, too.  “Both-and” not “either-or” or “black-white.”  The absence and weakness of boundaries seem to be an endemic problem.  Creating healthy boundaries helps heal codependent tendencies in an vitally important way, so you feel more protected and confident in who you are.

11 Healing Breaths  Breath connects you to the present moment and to Life Force Energy.  This simple yet profoundly healing technique helps you foster more love for yourself and others… easily, and in a matter of minutes.

Enhancing Your Spirituality    This is my most favorite work, supporting you in your search for truth and deep connection to that which is greater than yourself.

Healing The Broken Heart   We have learned that under life’s difficulties, stresses and trauma is a broken heart.  You will receive a bonus CD by colleague Belleruth Naparstek to help you heal this in a very direct way.

Getting Unstuck  A favorite Buddhist teacher, Pema Chodron, has some helpful and funny insights to help you get unstuck from your addictive tendencies, including this unreal belief that you are not enough.

Law of Attraction   It’s all about energy.  Our thoughts are electromagnetic energy.  Law of Attraction (LOA) simply is… where you place your attention, it will grow.  We use Michael Losier’s work on LOA.  With three simple steps, we help you create and focus on your heartfelt goals and allow them.

Health, Wellness and Life Coaching   You and I will work together to help you move from the contemplation stage, to preparation, and then to action. Baby steps are fine as you move in the direction of healing changes.  Coaching helps you create the map for these changes.

Humor, Play, Poetry, Laughter, Relaxation, Fun and Creativity  Yes, this is a fun, creative, interesting process!  And it’s geared to your unique needs.

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