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Gina Orlando, MA, CH

Gina Orlando, MA, CH


No one likes to be told what to do. WELLNESS COACHING is the cutting edge for creating lifestyle and behavior change. In coaching, YOU come up with ideas, strategies and timing; I create the safe space for you to explore. I ask some deep questions so you can see things from a new vantage point. Since you are in your own forest and see your own trees, I can help you get a new perspective. And research shows that it works!

Our body’s natural tendency is toward health.

Wellness and health coaching, along with wellness consulting, can help you move in the natural direction towards greater health and wellness.

What’s the difference between working with a wellness coach, health coach and wellness consultant?

As a wellness and health coach, I am your ally. Our relationship is on equal footing. In this coaching process, the agenda is yours, yet I help you see what is possible with behavior and lifestyle changes. You are signing up for changing your life!

  • Wellness coaching is like life coaching but with an added focus of wellness.
  • Health coaching is for people who have a medical condition and need support in making the changes in their lifestyle and behavior to improve their health. As coaches, we do not prescribe, diagnose or treat! We are coaches who support you, so that you can make the changes that you desire, and those recommended by your health care professionals.
  • As a wellness consultant, I have expertise to share with you, when you want tips, strategies, techniques and resource suggestions. I can put on that hat whenever it’s appropriate, and will always check in with you if you need this kind of expertise.

Just because you want to make changes doesn’t mean that you can or will make those changes. In this supportive coaching process you will feel safe to explore and find your inner motivation. Then you can create your own unique map to follow, one step at a time. Instead of acting from fear and resistance, you can act out of love. Imagine what changes can happen when you act out of love for yourself and your amazing body.

Let’s use an analogy. As your coach, I am your mountain guide. You choose the mountain, you carry your own backpack, but I’ll walk with you as a supportive guide.

It’s All About Making Changes
When you think about it, 100% of the recommendations made by health care professionals, as well as changes that you want to make in your health, involve BEHAVIOR CHANGE. The new profession of Wellness Coaching has emerged to help people make those changes. It is a combination of life coaching and the science/art of lifestyle change, disease prevention and disease management with a holistic wellness focus. It’s interesting, fun, insightful and effective. Some businesses are now using wellness coaching because they are seeing that it’s the only thing that works to change behavior for the long term, since only 15-20% of people are self-directed.

What Our Process Looks Like
When you sign up to work with me, you will complete a wellness inventory to help you evaluate your own life vision and choose your areas of focus/goals. We’ll explore your core values and what you really, really, really want. As a wellness coach I help you understand and assess your readiness for change for these goals. And here’s another realization: a goal is not a map to guide you to make that change. I help coach you to create a plan or map so you can successfully make AND SUSTAIN these behavior changes. In the past, health educators have given clients lots of information as they were teachers, and assumed they would follow the recommendations as if they were ‘students.’ The coaxing and imploring didn’t work. What works is to feel safe and supported to come up with your solutions and strategies, and to be able to ask for ideas when you are ready.

I Support You As You Walk The Path Of Change

If you hit a glitch, I’m there as a guide to support you to find a new answer. I help you calm the guilt-ridden talk of your inner critic, so you can move forward. I don’t push you on the path, nor do I pull you along. Rather, I walk side by side you in a totally supportive, non-judgmental way. Together we will create a dialogue in which you can bounce ideas off your own inner knowing. This will empower you with the insight to improve and heal your situation. In this process I help create a safe and sacred space for you to your work and play.

I really love my work, and many clients have told me (and others) that I am very good at it. Please call or send an email, so we can see if coaching is right for you!

Healthy wishes,


Gina Orlando, MA, CH
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