Anxiety Relief

I am an anxiety relief specialist, using natural holistic approaches that work.                                    Feel free to call me with your questions. It’s time for you to have relief.


Acute and chronic anxiety* and anxiety-related conditions are very common. You may have any or all of the common symptoms such as heart palpitations, sweaty hands or face, an upset stomach, shaking hands and racing fearful thoughts. Symptoms may surge into a full panic attack. Then the fear or dread of having another anxiety or panic attack becomes the driving thought, and that intensifies the symptoms. You feel out of control. Many people self-medicate their anxiety with food, alcohol and other substances and habits. You can break that vicious cycle with this supportive process and program.

As a symptom, anxiety can be part of many physical, mental and emotional conditions. That’s why hypnosis is so well placed to help you, because your subconscious mind is where the roots of your condition live. Gina will help you to easily enter this relaxed, receptive state so that you can receive support and relief. Your mind has amazing capacity to make helpful changes.

As a coach, I neither prescribe, diagnose or treat. I coach, teach and support you to use new strategies and effective tools to allow relief of your anxiety patterns.

*As with any medically diagnosed condition, Gina needs a referral from your licensed health professional for hypnotherapy for anxiety, phobias or panic.


During the intake at your first session, Gina will determine the best approach to help you get relief. Everyone is different. Gina uses the modalities listed below, and more. You will experience one or more in a session and will always have a self-hypnosis recording to use at home. What a relief that you can begin living your life fully again!

· • Hypnotherapy, Self-Hypnosis

· • Breathwork

· • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

· • Biofeedback

· • Negative Thought Stopping

· • Energy balancing and trauma relief

· • Support for restful sleep

· • Forgiveness work for peace of mind

· • Coaching for healthy food choices

· • Wellness Coaching for healthy habit changes

· • Holistic Health Consulting

Research supports that hypnosis is highly effective for easing anxiety, fears, panic, phobias, excessive worry and stress. Your mind has amazing capacity for desired changes. This program can help you!


You will experience deep relaxation and caring, individualized support to release your anxiety. Gina will create a customized program that is right for you to bring relief beginning with the very first session. You can release unresolved “stuck” issues and a wonderful reconnection with a more balanced body, mind, emotions and spirit. You can feel like yourself again.

The first session is 75 minutes and subsequent sessions are an hour. Gina works individually with each client, and follows your needs to bring the changes you deserve. This will help you get to your goals as quickly as your body, mind and spirit allow. This natural, effective approach is a perfect adjunct to any other therapy that you may be using, including talk therapy. Many clients see relief in as few as three to six sessions. A minimum of three sessions is required since this is a process. This program isn’t right for you if you want a quick fix in a single session, or are not willing to invest in your health. You will need some time to learn and use the new techniques and strategies to experience the positive changes.

I look forward to working with you!